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Welcome to my Creative Corner!

Art, in some form or another has been a part of me since I was a child. I can't remember a time when I wasn't creating. From finger painting in grade school to Calligraphy  in high school and even an Art History class; I was and still am fascinated by all things Art.

I discovered the world of Tole Painting and Decorative Art in 1986 at a little shop in Burbank, Ca.  It was there that Art became more than just a hobby. It was and is a constant companion through life's ordinary (and not so ordinary) days.

Through the years I've been fortunate to have had opportunities to take classes and learn from some of the best artists in our industry. I have been inspired through their knowledge and creativity to learn and grow as an artist myself and reach beyond what I ever thought possible. 

In between work, home and family, I love to create, paint and teach designs that I can share with all my painting friends; in the hopes to inspire artists old and new with their painting adventures.

Happy Painting


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